Kidding Supplies

What you need for a goat kidding?

Kidding season is upon us and we are compiling a list of essentials for this time of year. So here is our list of supplies to use.


This product is fantastic for helping to give a quick energy boost to a stressed goat. It is also a great product to give to a weak newborn to help them get up and nurse. This nutrient dense drench for goats is a must have during kidding.


A drencher is an essential tool to administer a drench to a goat.

This spray allows you to trim and clean any wound that may occur during kidding and help prevent any infections and disease. This version of the antimicrobial is also pain free. So no stinging or burning sensation after application. 

While a barn camera may not seem important. It is vital to help maintain a close eye on that doe that is just waiting for you to turn your back. There is also such a peace of mind knowing that you can check in from anywhere anytime. The barn camera is a farm upgrade that is so useful in kidding season.

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